List Of Cheap Accommodation Options In Otago

Not everyone likes to stay in an expensive hotel when they are on holiday. They have a limited budget, and they try to find accommodation that will be cheap, at the same time provide good quality service. Here are some cheap accommodations in Otago that you can choose on your visit to this beautiful place in New Zealand.

Backpacker Hostels

Though it’s for the backpackers, if you are on a business trip or holiday alone, you can choose to stay here. In one room, there are multiple beds, and you can book a bed here at a very low price.

There is a shared kitchen, lounge, and laundry facilities. Some hostels provide a single room or double room as well. If you don’t want to share your room with anyone else, then you can choose these options.

Budget Hotels

If you want privacy and no shared facility, then you should consider staying in a motel or budget hotel. The price of the rooms here is similar to that of the backpacker hostels. But you will get more privacy here. Not all motels have kitchen facilities. You will get breakfast here and even a dining facility too.


There are many campsites in Otago. You can find affordable campsites for an adventurous stay. The campsites have basic facilities. You can also find camping equipment on a rental basis. The campsites have toilet and shower facilities. It can be a great experience staying outdoors.

Holiday parks

This type of accommodation is similar to the campsites but has more facilities. Here you can build a tent or park the vehicle you want to camp in. This is more expensive than campsites, but you get more facilities and comfort too. You can get access to facilities like a lounge, laundry, and kitchen.

These types of cheap accommodations are readily available in Otago. So, you don’t have to worry about finding accommodation if your budget is low as you can easily book one of these.