5 Must-Visit Places In Otago

The Otago region of New Zealand is full of beautiful attractions. It may not be possible to see all of Otago on just one visit. You need to come back here to admire the beautiful nature, history, culture, and people. Here are some good spots that you must visit on your first visit.

Steampunk HQ

This is a museum worth visiting. The annual steampunk festival is held every year because of Steampunk HQ, which keeps this culture alive. The museum itself is very interactive, and so you will have a good time visiting it. There is a huge collection of artwork and sculptures. Regular movie screenings take place to attract the local people.

Royal Albatross Centre

This is a good place for viewing wildlife. This is a breeding colony for this bird species. You get a guided tour around this place and learn about its history. You can get close to the breeding area of royal albatross, sea lions, fur seals, and penguin species.

Taieri Gorge Railway

You can go on a scenic journey across the Taieri Gorge Railway. During this memorable journey, you can witness the natural beauty of the Otago region. You will see the diversified landscape, rivers, and tunnels.

There will be short stops along the way for you to take photographs. There will be on-board commentary about the history of this place, so as you travel along, you learn a lot about this region.

Bannockburn Sluicings Historic Reserve

The place looks like a classic western movie. The sliced-up hillsides and diverse landscape are just breath-taking. You will learn about the gold mining past of this region. You can see the river dams, man-made caravans, and a lot of interesting things.

Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge

If you aren’t scared of heights, then you can visit this famous suspension bridge. The world’s first commercial bungee jumping was developed here. It is part of the Queenstown Trail, which is a popular route for walking and cycling.

You can go jet boating or white-water rafting along the river beneath the bridge. For an extreme adrenaline experience, you can go bungee jumping from the bridge.

These places will teach you about the culture and history of Otago. You will also get a glimpse of the wonderful nature and indulge in exciting activities.